Because I’m in the health field, people periodically ask me about what I do for my health care regimen. My answer is pretty simple. I try to eat a balanced diet which includes protein—fish, chicken, red meat and vegetables, with an emphasis on vegetables, especially dark leafy greens. I do eat grains but only about 10 percent of my diet unless I’ve stepped up my workouts and need more. There are many types of diets out there with all sorts of research backing why they are the best. The one above is what I have chosen and it works for me.

I also exercise daily. The type of workout I do is never planned unless I’m training for a particular event. Otherwise it can be anything from, running, cycling, lifting, stretching, swimming or as of late P90x3. I think it’s important to work out for at least 30 min. a day even if that means to just go out for a brisk walk.

Supplements seem to be the biggest question people have for me and my answer usually is try to get them in the foods you eat. If you have a particular deficiency that is not responding to your diet then by all means take a supplement. Your herbalist or nutritionist can help you find out what supplementation you may need. Personally, on a regular basis, I take black garlic and turmeric. Again, this is my personal regime. Everyone is different and supplemental intake can vary depending on your age, current health and amount of recreation.