Conditions and Diseases treatable by Dr. Buck using Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dr. Buck focuses on treating the whole person and long-term illness prevention. In this way he is able to treat many health disorders by bringing the body back into balance.

The Treatable Conditions are wide ranging and varied in nature. One of the chief benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture is the recognition of patterns of disharmony and disease, as such a patient may present with a near infinite number of symptoms. It is the TCM physician’s job to detect and explore each of these in order to establish the overall pattern causing the problems. This allows us to expand the list of Treatable Conditions beyond what many expect. More than just treating aches and pains, Acupuncture and TCM is a complete and comprehensive system of medicine.

arthritis • back • neck • hips • legs • knees • feet • shoulder pain or weakness • bursitis • fibromyalgia • joint pain • osteoarthritis • sciatica • sports injuries • sprains • TMJ • tendonitis
low appetite • peptic ulcer • constipation • colitis • Crohn’s disease • diarrhea • indigestion • irritable bowel syndrome • nausea • vomiting • gastritis
Bell’s palsy • dizziness • headaches • migraine • neuralgia • post-stroke paralysis • post-operative pain • Parkinson’s disease
anxiety • depression • insomnia • stress
high cholesterol • heart diseases
infertility • menstrual problems • menopause • PMS • endometriosis • prostate problems • sexual dysfunction • urinary tract infection • vaginitis
diabetes • fatigue • hemorrhoids • hypoglycemia • hepatitis • HIV and AIDS related • weight control • stop smoking